Essays on Polygamy

Polygamy is a form of marriage in which one person may have multiple spouses at the same time. It has been practiced for centuries and is still practiced in a few regions of the world. The different types of polygamy are polyandry, marriage to more than one man and polygyny, when a man has multiple wives. Essays on polygamy examine this custom, its origins, why it is often considered oppressive, and world opinion regarding its practice.

The values of love, commitment and marriage are discussed in essays such as arranged marriage essays, essays on love, essays on same-sex marriage, as well as in essays on polygamy. Polygamy is a contentious topic and has legal and religious aspects. Essays on polygamy must cover a wide range of issues to include issues of human sexuality and morality. Looking at examples of polygamy essays from the Cultural Identity Essay website and research on polygamy will help you gather the information and insight you need to write a quality essay.

Essays on polygamy should first define and differentiate between monogamy, bigamy and polygamy and the look at how they are viewed by various cultures, religions and ethnic groups over the world. The laws that different countries have regarding polygamy and why polygamy is legal or illegal in these countries should also be explored in essays on polygamy. In the United States, the practice of polygamy is illegal in every state and is also considered a federal crime. The historical beginnings of polygamy and its prevalence in the world today is another interesting approach to take in essays on polygamy. Throughout history, many societies have condoned or acknowledged plural marriages. This is shown in the Bible, the Quran, and other religious transcripts. Polygamy is still permissible in some Muslim countries; on the other hand, most modern Muslim families do not practice polygamy anymore because of the financial burden and responsibilities it places on the family. A good essay on polygamy could also discuss the effects that plural marriages have on the children of polygamous marriages, families and society.